Water Reservoir Ventilation Tunnel, Shish Badgiri Ab Anbar

Shish Badgiri Water Reservoir (Shish Badgiri Ab Anbar) is one the famous ones in Yazd and it is located in a neighborhood with the same name. “Badgir” means ventilation tunnel and the “Shish” means six; hence the name comes from the Number of ventilation tunnels of the reservoir. This monument dates back to 180 years ago, Qajar dynasty, and was renovated in 1938.

It is a huge reservoir with a storage capacity of 2000 m3 and equipped with two access stairways and taps. The reservoir has 50 steps and the ventilation shafts measure 12.6 m and 10 m in height, respectively. It has long ventilation tunnels and an egg shaped doom.  It consists of two entries and two stairways. According to a plate in the front side one entry was used for the Muslims and one for the Zarotosians. This water reservoir at first consisted of two ventilation tunnels, but in a rebuilding process three others were added.

The Reservoir of Shish Badgiri is one of the well-known examples of the system also effectively cooling water. The special features of this reservoir are:

  • The heights of the reservoir and the ventilation shafts;
  • The attractive architecture and the construction materials used; and
  • The brickwork decoration at the entrance.